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幸村 嘉穂
February 8th, 2009 02:46 pm
Vampire Knight DS game fangirling summary ~ Ichijou Takuma Side Part 2

Continuing onto part 2 of the forbidden love between Ichijou Takuma and Yuuki ^^/

The love events from Ichijou is very, sweet and bitter but really, I enjoyed it alot.

Since this is part 2 of Ichijou's summary, once again if you accidentally ended up here without reading through Ichijou part 1, please read that first to understand what had happened so far.


After Chapter 3 ended with the super doki doki blood sucking event of Ichijou, there was now this understanding of that we have done something notti...but at the same time exciting. 8D
Let us recapture that forbidden moment shall we? 8D (this is just my excuse to stare at the CG again xD)

And its true that if you look at the expressions of the eyeless Yuuki, it does look like they are doing something..VERY VERY PERVY >D

Now we have all nosebled and would love to move on, we come to chapter 4 about Crying Rose.

While I was trying to find screen caps of this chapter, I realised I had none o_O
Then I also realised i have nothing to say about Ichijou in this chapter either. Probably because like in Kaname's route, this one was very bleh, and other than being accused as serial killer, I remember just meeting Ichijou once in the whole chapter, while he was investigating the crime scene because Kaname had sent him to find the real killer in order to prove my innocence. Awww...Kaname T^T

But, I do remember one thing from this chapter though. After Ichijou had drank my blood and done something so forbidden and pervy...he actually said in this chapter.


OMG, Ichijou, you really really are a slicky little b******, you were just that intimate with me and now you were the first person to suspect me *sulks in dark corner*

Anyway, as we all know, it turned out I wasnt the killer and that was that chapter...

Pretending that was an exciting chapter, we move onto chapter 5 about the stranded island. xD

Like in Kaname's case, I was roaming the streets alone when suddenly attacked by Level E, and while I was anticipating the rescue from the pink shirt Ichijou, guess who showed up to rescue me?


He suddenly appeared and killed off the Level E and told me to not be so careless and get myself into trouble.
But the whole time I couldnt concentrate on what he had to say because I kept going...

WHERE IS MY ICHIJOU???????????? Σ┗(@ロ@;)┛

Then the rest of what Yagari said became blah blah blah, blah blah blah...and then I got killed by Level E because I had lost my will to fight.

Then I tried to reload the file to see what I had done wrong, and discovered, because out of one event where I went to check out the night class lectures, it was Yagari's class, and the whole atmosphere of the class was very fiery because all the vampires wanted to kill Yagari and Yagari kept provoking them.

But anyway, I was careless and spoke to Yagari once, once man!!! The his love gauge flew up from 0 to about 80%. IN ONE TALK!!

Wow...Yagari...I didnt know you were this lonely that the moment one chick talks to you, you ended up falling in love...>_<

Anyway, so I had to reload the whole file and this time IGNORE YAGARI TOTALLY. So yeah, warning to any of you who wants to play this game and not get Yagari yet, IGNORE HIM!! No matter how hawt he looks, and how sexy his deep voice is, IGNORE HIM!

So after ignoring him, this time it was Ichijou who appeared to rescue me from Level E, IN HIS PINK SHIRT. ヾ(@゚▽゚@)ノ

So this time I went on a date with Ichijou afterwards and he bought me an aroma oil as present >w<
Then I also bought the DREAMS COME TRUE perfume.

Then after I went home, as expected, all the bishies came to meet me at the island xD

This time I followed Ichijou and found him casting the fish net into the sea.
To my surprise, he actually managed to get a decent fish net, and not only so, it was a GOLDEN fish net. So I asked him how he did he find such a fancy fish net and he said he made it out of the wires washed ashore and he hand knitted them. xD

Wow~ Ichijou, was this from your experience as the Moon Dorm Mama that knitted clothes for you children? xD;;

With the fancy fish net, Ichijou managed to catch lots of good stuff, like squid, crabs, fish, scallops :D~~~
While I was drooling over the seafood, Ichijou turned his eyes and started looking at me. noticing his look I asked him what's wrong, and then he said this...

Ichijou: ne...Just between you and me, do you like kissing?
Me: -0-!!!!! DOKI!

Of course I started panicking because I never expected that from him! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! >x<
Then the otome me in the game started saying stuff like, Ichijou shouldnt ask a girl this type of question but if he really wanted to know, I belong to the type LIKES to KISS. (*≧丱≦*) (yes, Ichijou senpai, that is my cue to say KISS ME ALREADY!!)

Then ebil Ichijou suddenly came up really close to me....

Ichijou: If you really like it, then I will give it to you. ^-^
Ichijou: Close your eyes....

HOSHIT!!!! $(&^$)^)(^&#(%&@#%)(*#&%(*#@&)
Ichijou you so bad bad bad!! How can you make me so doki doki like this!!!

But who cares, I am finally going to get a kiss scene!! Let's do it NAOOOOOOOO!!!!

Closing my eyes, I felt ichijou leaned closer and then there was a soft touch on my lips.

<----In reality


アハハ εε≡(∠ ̄▽)┘


Then while I was hoping for more, the me in the game noticed the touch on the lips was a bit weird, because, it had a weird fish smell. And not only so, it was like that fish smelling thing was trying to get into my mouth...

Ichijou: Are...? Kaho-chan, if you dont open your mouth a bit more, then I cant shove this in further...

*open eyes*


Me: Ichijou senpai! What are you doing??
Ichijou: You said you liked kiss right? So I am trying to feed you this fish.

note: apparently in Japanese, the name of the fish is called kiss.....

...................................... you know my feeling, so let's move on with the story shall we?
I knew it, this guy is the consummation of evil....-_______________-

So anyhow, Shiki then appears and when he saw the amount of seafood we caught he goes, "Wow, there are alot of KISS fish in it."
And then Ichijou was like, "yeah, isnt it wonderful especially kaho-chan likes KiSS very much."


So learning to be a forgiving person, I decided to join the Shiki and Ichijou pair to cook the food we caught.

When we had all the food in front of us, Ichijou started talking to the crabs and squid and fish....==

Ichijou: Octupus-san, squid-san, and beloved fishes. Please do not look so sad...because we are very hungry, so we are forced to eat you....

Seeing this, Shiki made this LOL statement xD

Shiki: Before Ichijou starts to become emotionally involved with the octopus and squid, let's start...
Me: xDDDDD You are so cute Shiki. *pats*

The first thing we decided to cook are squid and calamari. So I asked Ichijou to cook it and then the next thing you know, Ichijou threw all the food up in the air.
While I was going -0- at what he was trying to do, suddenly I saw a few flashes of lights and like a ninja, Ichijou had two knives in his hands and the squid and calamari were sliced so equally and fell all beautifully lined up on the plate.

Seeing such teppanyaki chef magic from ichijou, both Shiki and I went *0* at him and started clapping.
And he blushed and said, it wasnt his ninja skills, but the wonderful sharpness from the rock knives Kaname took out of his magic pocket made for everyone xD

Then next we decided to cook the clams, so I gave the responsibility to Shiki, and he did a wonderful job! ^-^

Lastly I decided to handle the fish, so i put some salt on it and BBQ it with the bombfire we started and it became a delicious meal!! (unlike what happened with Kaname and Zero pair...xD)

Shiki & Ichijou!! Challenge cooking!!

Shiki looks so cute~~ xDDD


Moving onto the 6th chapter about the puppy Chibi.

So teh story stays the same, but this time it was Ichijou that I met during my night watch with Chibi.
For some reason...Ichijou refused to call my puppy Chibi but gave him his own name Tama. Tama is like a typical name for a cat in Japanese...
Because Ichijou apparently was a cat person so he insisted to treat Chibi like a cat and calls him Tama.

Despite all that, as we all know, Chibi turns out to be a Level E dog which was most likely bitten by Rido because of his love for orgy, and knowing the need to kill Chibi, Ichijou decided to do the job with Zero.

But the night before the killing, Ichijou saw me night watching with Chibi again, and this time, he was not joking with Chibi anymore, but he was very kind to Chibi....T^T

awwww....look at that expression on his face....(*pω0`。*涙)

Then the time came when Chibi turned into a Level E and started attacking me and Zero. Just like how it was with Kaname's route, Zero could not give Chibi a final blow and when I was in danger, Ichijou appeared!!

To my surprise though, Ichijou managed to not even give Chibi a chance to run and with one swift swing of his katana ended Chibi's life. *0*

Then once again I was very upset with the death of Chibi, and while blaming Ichijou for killing Chibi, I used this as an excuse to go lie in his arms xD it just me or does the eyeless Yuuki looks like she is smirking? Like she was secretly happy about the whole thing to be able to lie in Ichijou's arms? xD

So moving onto the final chapter, where I was still recovering from the death of Chibi and being all depressed and stuff, Ichijou appeared to cheer me up.

But because I was sad and not in the mood to talk and share, then Ichijou made another attempt.

Ichijou: Oh yeah, in fact I have a problem and I was wondering if you could help me out instead?

And since Ichijou was asking for help, so although I wasnt in the mood to talk about Chibi and my feeling, I thought it was only polite to listen to his.

Ichijou: There was this girl that I really like, and she has been so sad and I didnt know what to do.
Me: awwww....Ichijou!! ;_;

Ichijou: To me she is very important, and therefore I wanted to cheer her up.

Knowing that he was talking about me, I was so touched and thanked him for being so thoughtful and I was going to cheer up and not be so depressed anymore.

With my answer, Ichijou was very happy and asked me to attend the ball that the Night Class prepared for me. And Ichijou made this funny statement about how EVEN Zero was part of organising the ball.

So I was laughing about how I couldnt imagine Zero working together with vampires to organise the ball just so they could cheer me up. Ichijou agreed with me and then made this really EBIL suggestion...

Ichijou: How about I suggest an activity to be cooperated by Kaname and Zero? :D

Me: .....Once again, Ichijou. Are you sure you are Kaname's best friend? ==

Then Ichijou suddenly handed me a rose which represents "A passionate burning love."
Seeing the rose, I immediately understood what Ichijou was trying to say. <333333

Then in shyness, Ichijou left and reminded me to turn up at the ball.
While I was all doki doki and mero mero about Ichijou's confession, a person suddenly appears from behind the pillars!! -0-!!

Zero: Unlike me, he is a cheerful bright person like the sun...
Me: Zero!! You stalker!! -0-!!

So apparently Zero heard everything and knew Ichijou had confessed to me. TOTALLY different to Kaname's scenario, remember how he appeared to pick fight with Kaname? This time Zero actually said...

Zero: Because I could never become like I could come to accept it.

SO WOW!! ZERO!! When it was Kaname that confessed to me, you were willing to rip his head off about it and when it was Ichijou, you actually COME TO ACCEPT IT??? (゚Д゚)

Anyway...since now we got the blessing from Zero, Ichijou and I can finally happily love love together. (But ehh?? How about Kaname?? Why when Zero accepts it then its okay?? I thought the whole problem was Kaname? How could Kaname EVER forgive Ichijou for taking his gal??)

So under the blessing of Zero and not Kaname, Ichijou and I had our last dance at the ball (*´艸`)

As usual, to come to the finale, Ichijou asked me to join him at a private place so he could tell me something very important. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH XDDD

So we went into the forest and he told me that he knew whatever he felt and wanted to do was forbidden...

Ichijou: I know I am not allowed to think this way...

Ichijou: But I WANT YOU...
ME: I WANT YOU TOO!!!! And that serious facial expression you have is such a turn on...8D

Ichijou: I cant...wait any...longer...
Me: hehehe...then you should have stopped playing around with me so much in the previous chapters...>w<

Then he asked if he could do it.

Then since he had played with my heart for so long, I replied and said, "Do what? 8D 8D 8D"

Ichijou: you are...really a bully. It is the first time that I...wanted something this much...
Me: So I am the bully now? >D

So since Ichijou had finally surrendered, I gave him the permission to DO IT.
Which was of course, what a vampire wants to do the most when they get turned on, is to drink my blood.

This time I picked for him to bite my neck, and whala~~~

Ichijou: was....I am so satisfied....


To make the effect more drastic, here is a close up of the bite 8D

Ichijou: I know Kaname would kill me if he found out, but to me right now....


OMG!! Am I the only one screaming at Ichijou's confession? he has finally decided to stand up and fight against Kaname to win my love!! Wah...I feel so loved!!!!

So after he had reached his orgasm, done with drinking my blood, Ichijou and I returned to the ball.
But while we were walking, Ichijou started telling me once again that he has a problem and if I could listen to it and help him out again.

Ichijou: There is this girl that I wanted to confess my heart to... I thought we already done all that notti stuff but we havent actually confessed to each other yet?

Ichijou: Although I am usually a talkative person, want when it came to something like this, I became very cautious.

ichijou: How am I able to let her know my feeling correctly?

Wah...Ichijou, you are so cunning. You want to confess but you are testing my feeling first...
Knowing so, I told him that girl probably feels the same way about him, and therefore I suggested he and the 'girl' both speak out each other's feeling at the same time.

Then I said on a count of 3, 1, 2...

Then Ichijou started to panic...xD

Ichijou: Wah, wait, wait. Let me prepare my heart first.

HAHAHAHA...Ichijou, you are really too cute xDDD

So after he took a deep breath, we attempted again.

"On a count of 3, 1, 2, 3..."

When Suddenly stoopid Cross started lighting the fireworks, so I couldnt hear what Ichijou said!!! >x<
Then I whined about why did Cross have to light the fireworks just at this perfect timing!!! So it wasnt fair, we should do it again.

Ichijou: way, I am not going to say it again!
Me: Eh? Why not?
Ichijou: Because this type of stuff should only be spoken once.
Me: But I didnt hear what you said!! *pouts*
Ichijo: Really? But I heard what you said. :'D
Me: Wah!! Not fair, not fair!! Say it again!!!
Ichijou: Hehehe...dont worry. This much I can tell you.

We spoke the same thing.

The end.

AWWWWWWW...Ichijou is sooo sweet and big bully at the same time =w=

So yeah, I was so doki doki at Ichijou's route, and my love for him has really sky rocketed....

I hope you have enjoyed Ichijou's summary, and please, if you enjoyed it, let me know because it does take alot of time and effort to type this out. So if I know people are actually liking it, then its worth typing this out.

If not, I guess there really isnt a need anymore right? >.>


mood: loved

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The Queen of Lame and Typo Errors.
February 8th, 2009 09:04 am (UTC)



My heart, it broke so bad. I wanted a kiss too uuu.

Now that you have put this up, I feel too lazy to put mine. XD I should do my Corda and Haruka 4 backlog @_@;

Edited at 2009-02-08 09:05 am (UTC)

幸村 嘉穂
February 8th, 2009 09:18 am (UTC)

i know!!!

And apparently, is it true only a certain person gets a kiss CG and no one else does? T^T

I want to read Corda and Haruka 4 :D
It woudl be hillarious! Oh, do the one for ukihashi, I still havent got my copy of the game...T^T

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The Queen of Lame and Typo Errors.
February 8th, 2009 09:25 am (UTC)

Well, so far for the three guys I've played + your Kaname gameplay, only that certain guy has a kiss scene so far. (A-at least take comfort that the last part of Kaname's route may have ended up in a H scene? 8D;;)

I've cleared half the guys for Haruka 4 (still can't figure out Kazahaya and Oshihito's alternate endings guhhhh but I teared up at Oshihito's ahaha) but took pics of only Nagi gameplay. I still haven't done a Part 2 for some of my Corda ones >_>; By the end of this month, I'll probably be playing forte so my backlog will grow...

I haven't started playing Ukihashi ahaha. I am also wondering if I should wait for a guide before playing, see Right now I have been neglecting VK for Harvest Moon: Rune Factory 2. I can never get sick of farming T_Tb

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幸村 嘉穂
February 8th, 2009 09:32 am (UTC)

But Kaname's ending was a rip was only leaving us hanging and our imagination going wild...T^T

To get Oshihito's alternate ending is simple. You know how you get the extra chapter at the end? Where you can just go around and talk to people? You just need to go and talk to Oshihito and you will get his alternate ending.
I cried so much at oshihito's ending as well...T^T

And Kazahaya, you cant get his ending until you have completed every single person. Because Kazahaya is supposed to be the ultimate ending of the entire game...

farming....I guess that type of game is easier to get hooked because you are doing stuff instead of constantly reading.

and oh yeah...thats right Corda 2f is going to be released soon...=w=
I have to try to get my VK out of the way and then Ukihashi done before it is released...

But I have a feeling I will end up holding ukihashi till wayyy later...

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The Queen of Lame and Typo Errors.
February 8th, 2009 09:40 am (UTC)

I think Kaname has prettier CGs, though. Oh, the colouring for Shiki's CGs are pretty too (his blood-drinking ones are cute *hints*) a-and is it me or is Yuuki really ugly in the game? Maybe because she's faceless and looks awkward sometimes.

Eh, I tried that for Oshihito but still couldn't. I read somewhere that in the chapter before Oshihito's route, there'll be an alternate conversation which will lead to normal ending and not Oshihito's love or death ending and I can get the sakura CG.

Ah, complete everyone for Kazahaya? I see, thanks for the hint. I wasted my Kazahaya replay ahahaha Who's your fave in Haruka 4? I like Nagi best since I like bitchy boys, but Ashvin is so sexy, Oshihito's so sob-worthy and for some reason I go MOEEEEEE over Futsuhiko. >_>;

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of reading since my Kanji and grammar are well, mada mada da ne, that's why I like interactive gamestyle like Neoromance's best. Fighting and playing music! I don't know about Angelique, I failed my NeoAnge gameplay

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幸村 嘉穂
February 8th, 2009 09:52 am (UTC)

oh...must be the part where when you go talk to Oshihito the night before the final battle and then he makes a promise with you to go see sakura together. I guess you have to pick the right answer for that one. o.O

My fav out of Haruka 4 is actually Karigane. (yes Im weird.)
But karigane's route was so sweet, it makes me want to hug him so much! Then next would be...hmm...p I like Ashvin too because he was so sexy, and the whole wife thing makes me think dirty xD
But I think I was most touched with Oshihito's route compared to the rest. I could watch his ending so many times because Nakahara's voice acting in it is just too touching!!

I liked Nagi the most in the beginning, but his route made me go...this is so meh...>.>
And HAHAHA, me too! Out of all Neoromance games, the only one I couldnt play was Neo Angelique. I guess finding keywords to talk to bishie was too annoying so I could never open anyone's events and failed the game completely...>.>

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The Queen of Lame and Typo Errors.
February 8th, 2009 10:01 am (UTC)

Yeah, I think it's that one. I guess I will have to look at online guides eh.

Hahahaha! Karigane! I lol so bad everytime Sazaki has to battle an enemy of the fire element, because gets Karigane to do the work for him. (That, or he wants to switch places with me, which I will refuse because my Chihiro is of the metal element. Not that I will take a lot of damage, because my Chihiro is kinda powerful right now =_=;;) I forgot all about the sub characters! I wished Shani has tenbin events too. He doesn't, right?

I almost screamed at the TV when he still died in the end. Oshihito~ And yes, Nagi's route was kind of meh. I was HUH??? at the beachside thing at the end.

What I don't understand about NeoAnge was the number thingy at the top of the screen. Everytime you fight Thanatos, the number will increase, but to get certain CGs, you have to be in a certain number range, I think? I gave up on NeoAnge completely. Haven't even caught a guy.

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幸村 嘉穂
February 9th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)

I love the karigane and sazaki fights xD
They are like married old couple..HAHAHA

Shani has tenpin events, I think in order to get Natsya (cant spell his name) you have to have gotten Shani's tenpin.

I think everyone has tenpin events including Ashvin's teacher, the old man xDD

Oh, I recommend that you go for err...that chick, cant remember her name now, the one that talks with weird Kansai-ben? Her events reveals quite a shocking truth.

oh, yeah, I didnt understand how to use the stupid fighting system in Neo Ange as well, why cant they just make it simple like in Haruka, you use commands to fight or you just dont! I didnt get anyone either and gave up on the game xD

Maybe thats why compared to the rest of neoroma series, Angelique series is always doing worse.

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February 8th, 2009 09:19 am (UTC)

Thanks so much for sharing - I've been reading along and it's exciting just to read along. I wish I could speak/read the language so that I could properly (own and) play the game.

But, gosh, he's such a tease!! Sounded like a lot of fun, too.

And the "moaning" part, I shrieked out loud, "He-what!?" As well as the KISS fish part.


Thanks so much for sharing your journey with those of us you can't or haven't played yet ^_^

February 8th, 2009 10:11 am (UTC)

wah~ I love your summary..Thanks so much for it! ^_^
and like you love for Ichijou seemed to have doubled...

February 8th, 2009 11:05 am (UTC)

I really like reading your summaries and I can't wait for you to go and stalk Cain, my favourite vamp;)

Omg.. About Ichijou, I always saw him as a bit of a goody goody which I don't find so interesting.. But he's so naughty here!! I will never look at him again with the same eyes XD

February 8th, 2009 12:26 pm (UTC)

ah takuam is realy cool and that part before he bit you he was so hot . i knew it zero has only the issue with kaname about leting yuuki be with lol and the fanbook was right takuma admires him i think even zero does lol zero's issue is with purebloods not vampires and that proofed when he exepted takuma with yuuki thanks for the walkthought the game is showing so much about the guys realy feelings and personalities ^_^ who is next?

February 8th, 2009 01:34 pm (UTC)

thanks to u, my dear, i no longer see Ichijou the same ever again. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

i whined, screamed, kyaaaed and went "OMGOMGOMGOMGMOMG" at those places which you did, hahahaha! gee whiz! i looooove these summaries! and if u're gonna DO the rest (ahem, pun fully intended), please please pleeeeaaassseee write the summaries because not only are the storylines and CGs so appetising (omg, Ichijou, you look so hawt and evil and smexy and baaad that i just wanna be that eyeless weird Yuuki soooo much), your comments are priceless!!!!

no kiddin'! pls write more!

February 8th, 2009 01:39 pm (UTC)

Are you kidding?i love tour summaries!Especially your comments are to die for!I burst out laughing every time I read them!
I love Ichijo's story!Man,he is such a tease but let's not hold it against because he is soo damn cute!XD XD
And my poor Zero,he let her go!~sniff,sniff~I,too,wanted to see Kaname's reaction!!!!Why on earth they didn't show us!?!?!?!?
Anyways,I would really like it if you continued with the rest of the characters as well!I especially want to see some YuukixAido love and Kaname and Zero's reactions to this......

February 8th, 2009 03:18 pm (UTC)

does this VK DS come with voice?
you know like that love-sim tokimeki memorial girl's side game.. each boys has their own voice, so it can help you understand what they're saying. (even though you can't read japanese)

I'm sure I can't enjoy the game if it this game doesn't come with voice, so I'm thinking of canceling my order if zero/kaname/the other guys can't speak *___* since I can't even read kanji..

(from what I've been reading.. I assume the characters can't speak with their voices)

幸村 嘉穂
February 8th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)

Why did you get the impression this game is not voiced? I think I mentioned it a few times that this game is full voiced except the female characters.

ReplyThread Parent
February 9th, 2009 01:59 am (UTC)

really??? YAY!!! then I should place a new order again -_-"
ah I think that's because I didn't fully read your review, lol.
I kinda skipped some parts when reading it (just so I don't lose all the fun when I'll be playing)

thanks ^__^

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Ariel Kuran
February 8th, 2009 05:07 pm (UTC)

Thank you soooo much! You make my day every time! Takuma's very cool, it's his gentle evilness that makes him so desirable! Those cute pervy green eyes of him! <3

February 8th, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)

~DOKI DOKI~ *_///_*"

i have to admit out of all reviews i read so far this one was the most exiting. And thats coming from a hardcore kaname fangirl XD'

But ichijou was just so cute with his innocent looking green eyes and the argyle haha and saying such mean things at the same time...

ive always liked ichijou though.

February 8th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)

aww, takuma is so cute! <33
and i love how shiki comes out to defend him. that's so funny! xD
i love your summaries! please do kain!

February 8th, 2009 07:07 pm (UTC)

i thank you for this summary

i have never heard of the manga or anime before, but reading translations from games like these are always fun to read. Now it makes me curious what the manga/anime is all about...

anyway... i totally rofl-ed everytime i read your red-comments
Also i kyah-ed too when ichijou moaned while biting~~ XDDD

i agree that ichijou's part is much more interesting, he makes the game funnier because he is so freaking ebill!!
Kaname's part made me more doki doki though-- but ichijou made me go KYAH!

GREATJOB WITH THE SUMMARIES i hope u are able to make the other chars!


February 8th, 2009 08:30 pm (UTC)

No, please, keep writing, keep writing!!!!!

it's so much fun to read!! and the characters are so cute! though Kaname shoud have biten you, why didn't he? WHY??

I can't wait to read the next route...which other character are you going to pick? Kain? I wonder what he'll do...and by the way, we didn't see the Kaname's reaccion to the love of Yuki and Takuma! But maybe it's better not to know...I suspect he wouldn't take it slightly!

so...keep on writing, please! if you do I promise I'll go to where you live and be your servant for as long as you want! (?)


February 8th, 2009 11:27 pm (UTC)

Ichijou's such a bully teaser, I really didn't expect it... The thing with the 'kiss' fish was too much!!! >/////<

And I agree that Yuuki's too happy hugging him after Chibi's death... Maybe she realized that she must make a plot to win his fear of Kaname THE ALMIGHTY his heart!!!

Now I've seen he has such cute faces... Way more than poker face noh masked Kaname-senpai. (=__=)

Please make more fangirling summaries!!! I love them to death!!! Even if they're spoiling my gameplay. XD Your comments are absolutely fangasmic and now I'm totally curious about Kain route!!! (O___O) Please make a summary of it too!!!

幸村 嘉穂
February 9th, 2009 12:03 am (UTC)

but I love poker face Kaname :D
He is so pretty and eye candy all the time :D :D :D

besides, he is the only guy who never ever once said mean thing to Yuuki. He ate all da poisonous chocolate while Ichijou ran away xDDD

And Kaname did not suspect Yuuki to be the serial killer while everyone else did.

Besides, only Kaname got the H scene, which wins it all 8D
<--is totally biased

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February 9th, 2009 04:09 am (UTC)

GAH~~~ I want this game to get Takuma >O</ I want to hear his moan >:O

and then I want to get Yagari for the hell of it ;]

Thank you for the summary ^.^/


February 9th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)

thanks so much from a girl who doesn't understand any japanese but loves takuma anyway =)

February 9th, 2009 05:21 am (UTC)

ichijouuuuuuuuuuuuu *_* I LOVE YOU <3

i love all your summaries haha they are funny and interesting XD

February 9th, 2009 05:41 am (UTC)

ICHIJOU! xD Evil, evil bastard.

Whose route do you plan to pursue next? SO WANT TO GET THE GAME NAAAAOOOO

幸村 嘉穂
February 9th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC)

summary wise, I will be doign Kain next, then after that Yagari (because I have already completed those 2 guys)

I wanted to go for Aidou, but am very tempted to go for Zero instead...

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February 9th, 2009 06:33 am (UTC)

Ohh! I'm excited to read! X3

( I've been reading your posts regarding the game, sorry if I didn't drop a comment in all of them. T^T
Your reactions ore so cute! almost the same as mine as I read about it, orz. xDD;;; )

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February 9th, 2009 01:00 pm (UTC)


It was totally worth throwing my homework aside to read this >/////<
I was going dokidoki all the way while reading only. That's what I don't understand...

I think everyone who plays the VK game will be converted into Ichijou fangirls XD

February 12th, 2009 12:08 am (UTC)

Ah... it was wonderful, a really wonderful summary, really :)

And this: "We spoke the same thing" is just... awesome... I'm deeply touched :)

...and I'd like to hear that part with drinking blood from the neck!! XD

Diligent Sloth
February 22nd, 2009 04:04 pm (UTC)

God, I almost died of laughter and I don't even follow VK XD

Can I add you as a Friend? :D

幸村 嘉穂
February 22nd, 2009 11:41 pm (UTC)

sure ^^/

I will be putting up more of my wtf-ish LOL game summaries on my journal...xD

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March 7th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)

ahhh I was sooo glad I could get his ending!! ( 'cause I failed getting aido's =w=)

by the way, what rose did you give to ichijou? I was so confused picking the rose and I gave him the white rose (the 1st one) instead -_-" but it seems like he only said "eh? for me? thank you!"

I wanted to try giving him the last rose but I was too lazy to repeat the whole dance thing again *sigh*

anyway, I enjoyed ichijou's route more than aido's. he's just so evil and I LOL-ed when hearing about his dream wanting to be the dorm-head xD

March 19th, 2009 04:39 pm (UTC)

Okay! Now I really wish that I had this game! XD Poor Kaho! D: You didn't get to hear what he said.

April 7th, 2009 06:24 pm (UTC)

Ahhhhh he's soooo sweet <3 I love him <3

April 9th, 2009 02:50 am (UTC)

Thank you for the excellent summaries! I don't know what I would do with the DS game if not for your summaries. They give me something to look forward to at the end of each play.

And thanks for the hint on the Kaname's path although I don't think it was the problem. I still didn't get the special CG. Anyway, don't worry, I am going to have a go at the other guys as well before going back for it again.

Anyway, I really need to get some Japanese lessons once the mess at work is all over. ^_^

April 26th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)

haha ^^ Is this why I love Ichijou so much? Because he's a schmexi bully? lol!
Hopefully someone will hear my prayer and one day there'll be an english version on this bestie of a game ^^


September 11th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)

hi ther !!
OMG OMG ..~~ !!!
i was relly going doki doki !!!
pleas !! i want moooore !!!

September 22nd, 2009 07:11 pm (UTC)

A moaning Ichijou.... huhuhuhuhu *perviness laugh* (I wonder how Zero would sound if he moaned... heuhuhuhuhu >=D)

but DUDE I want this game... tsss and OF COURSE I'm the ONLY one to not have a DS -0-

But yeah... thnks to you I can still 'play' it ^^


November 3rd, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
love ichijou!!!

thanx for the summaries!! i reaaaaaaallllyyyyyy like it soooooooo much!!
thanx to ur summaries i finally get ichijou!! kyah!!!
+ i also finally get to listen to KANAME's anger when i go out with his bestfrenz!! haha!


November 26th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)

Wah~ made me fall in love with you again and again!!
I love how you stare at me(in fact, Yuuki..) and said "I WANT YOU!!"
Ahhhhhhh.....=///= *faint*

Thanks so much for the summaries!XD Now I really wish I could own this game..

that's how i'm programmed to function
April 13th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)

omg I knew I liked this guy for a good reason! Damn I want to play this too! XD I wish I knew Japanese haha

Ilu so much for doing this!

May 15th, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)

thank you for your work!! without it I couldn't enjoy this game because I don't know japanese at all=)) I felt the same as you, because the Takuma's route is so amazing and romantic... and unpredictable! the moments when he appeared to save my life in pink were incredibly hot=))) As for me I don't care about Kaname, I want Takuma to win elections=)) haha, and I want continuation, where we are going to get married and other stuffs=))
Ichijou is the best!=))))
Again, thank you so much=)) that's a pity you didn't make Zero's summary... I started with him and understood only the main plot((