2010 Animate Girl's Event goods for sale

 Hi all,

I have just came back from the 2010 Animate Girl's event held in Ikebukuro Sunshine 60. It's basically a place where all Otome gamer's dream comes true LOL

There are stage events, event only goods for sale and of course cosplayer competitions.

I took some pictures so you can view them here if you are interested

The otome game companies each opened a booth to sell their goods, and I managed to grab a few for myself.

In fact I am actually selling the ones I got from the Quin Rose booth if anyone is interested. Remember, they are event only goods! <3

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ichmaru grin

My Neoromance Festa 11 Experience

YES. I know the event ended for a whileeee already LOL

But I finally kicked myself to sit down and do a report of it. It is...interesting? xD;;

Okay, I know I shouldnt have, but I wasted money and bought 2 days worth of tickets. And due to many many reasons, things that I am sure would bore you too, I ended up getting SS tickets for the night of 13th (TO SEE HIROCCCCCC) and day one of 14th (TO SEE MIDORINNNN)

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the "otome-ness" of P3P (Persona 3 Portable)

I know no one is probably interested in any updates on Persona 3 Portable now since it has been out for a while. But I felt I really have the "NEED" to write this post because I can't stop laughing at the "otome approach" of this game in order to gain female gamers xDDD

Okay, although Persona 3 Portable is not officially labeled as a otome game, but with the addition of a female protagonist that allows you to have "love ending" with the guys in the game, it is pretty much a RPG game with otome aspect added to it xD

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iPhone lj experience

Lol sucks. I cannot see my friends entries but can only see a blank screen. Yes this means I can't see my own entries either.

Oh yeah, I got an iPhone now and apparently there is lj iPhone version which is what I am using now to write this entry

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Joker no Kuni no Alice Game Summary ~Boris Route~

Here I present to you the game summary of Boris Airay, my fourth journey into the Joker land xD

To sum Bori's route up, I guess you could call it "Highschool Romance in Wonderland" xDD
Maybe because I am obasan so when I go through his route, I kept thinking, "Wow, I used to hear and see stuff like this back in when I was a teenager."

So yes, for those of you that are reading this and is a teen, you will probably find Boris' route very moeeee~
But if you are obasan like me, you will think, "yeah, its sweet, but...there is no doki moment for me"

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Joker no Kuni no Alice Game Summary ~Gray Route~

Okay, onto Gray's game summary now. For some reason it felt like it took only 1/3 of the time needed compared to Ace or Blood's route. Why does it feel so short? xD

DEFINITELY, compared to Ace or Blood, Gray's route feels so....PURE!!
OMG, it is so pure that I feel so disappointed.
(Hey, I am not a hentai, I just needed some PASSION!)

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Joker no Kuni no Alice Game Summary ~Blood Route~

Here comes the second lot of game summary for the game Joker no Kuni no Alice featuring Blood Dupre

To sum it up, if Ace's route was full of sexual harrassment, then Blood's route would be like...having a rich and powerful boyfriend? xD

I have noticed Alice's personality in Joker had toned down as in, she is more otome than the cynical, realistic pessimistic Alice that I was used to. And Blood's route really confirmed that...its like OMG, LOVE IS IN THE AIRRRRRRRRRRR~ xD

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