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幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 08:32 am
Vampire Knight DS game fangirling summary ~ Kuran Kaname Side 2

Alright, continuing on from part one, here comes part two of Kaname's route. Where you will find Kaname on crack xD

For those that have not read intro post and part one and ended up here, I recommend you read them first or else this wont make much sense.

So, after the Crying rose event, I was finally able to roam the streets without having fingers pointed at me for being a serial killer.
Then guess what, I got myself in trouble again and was attacked by Level E vampires ==

But since I am such a decent guardian, I managed to kill off all the Level E before Kaname had time to help out :D
So anyway, Kaname came to the rescue, but had no more Level E left to kill, so he asked if I want to go on a date with him instead.

Date with Kaname-chama? Of course! <3333

So we on a the library. -_______________-
Maa....I guess you can call it a romantic spot, since its quiet, so you can do can sit next to each other and read romantically 8D

Then while I was being nosy to see what Kaname was reading, this happened.

So....this was what Kaname had in mind the whole time 8D 8D 8D
I will play innocent and let you do what ever you want Kaname-chama~~

So on the way back, I told Kaname that I wanted to go to the antique flea market, so we went and I bought this intereting perfume which supposed to make your dream come true.

So I went home, put on the perfume, then the next thing I know...

....I am stranded on an island.

The good thing about it was, I wasnt there alone. Aidou suddenly appears and go, "HUH?? WTF?? I was sleeping on my bed and how come I am suddenly here??"

So Aidou made a very "intelligent" comment and said, this is all a dream so if we all go back to sleep and wakes up again, everything will be fine.

Ignoring him, we all came to the conclusion that we were all minding our own business and then for weird reasons were all teleported to this island. And since we need to find ways to survive on the island, Kaname recommended that we start to gather food, water, for means of survival.

Then everyone went off to do their collection, and since I am stalking Kaname, I decided to follow him 8D
Then I found Kaname standing before the sea peacefully and calmly. While I thought he was slacking off telling everyone to gather food while he enjoys the view, all of a sudden, dozens of fishes flew out of the water and stacked up in piles in front of Kaname.

While I was going -0- at the scene, I noticed that there were actually strings connected from Kaname's fingers and as ALMIGHTY and PERFECT as the Pureblood vampire was, he was able to fish a huge pile of seafood through his MAGICAL PEERLESS EXTRAVAGANT FINGERS!!!

Noticing I was stalking him, Kaname immediately invited me to go make out with him, errr, to go to a more private place with him. (ISN'T THAT THE SAME THING?? Kaname and his pervy-ness!!! @/////////////////////////@)

So since I am a pervert too, I said yes, and then Kaname took me to this dark cave and started talking dirty to me 8D 8D 8D 8D OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO

Kaname: Not only your expressions, but your hair, you voice, your body...I dont want anyone else to see them.
Me: Oh, Kaname, you bad bad boy! But I like how this is going >)

Then there was this moment again that Kaname asked if he could bite me. I guess when a vampire gets turned on and wants to do pervy stuff, they would want to drink the blood of the person they admire. So I was like Yeah, DO IT!
But once again he was just playing with me and held back and say he cannot bite me. (DAMM PUREBLOOD AND TURNING HUMAN INTO VAMPIRE THINGY!)

Since the making out attempt failed, we returned back to the open and then said we should try to bring the fish back. While I pondered on how the elegant almighty Pureblood Kaname was going to hold the stinky fish with his arms, on came the victim--Zero 8D

Seeing how Zero came empty-handed, we asked him how he went with his hunting? And Zero made this face ="= and said the nature work against him, which was another word for saying, "I COULDNT GET ANYTHING."

So I said to Zero, "Oh, in that case, you and me can carry these fish back to the camp. Since Kaname hunted all these, we can at least do the carrying."


Then Kaname found a chance to pick fight with Zero.

Kaname: I dont really want to hear that from a guy who came EMPTY-HANDED. Still trying to act so cool...

So before Zero and Kaname jumped on each other again, I quickly stopped them and say FINE I WILL CARRY IT. Then since I am going to do it, Zero finally gave in and said he will carry the fish. (YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID YES IN THE BEGINNING!! >O)

After we returned to camp, everyone else also came back with their gatherings. Aidou was the best, he came back with all these suspicious looking mushrooms which were obviously poisonous. And then he said, "Doesnt matter! Even if you get poisoned, I will take up the responsibility and develop and anti-dote tablet for it!!" would be too late by then...==

After gathering food, now it's time to cook! Ichijou and Shiki immediately paired up and disappeared, and so did Aidou and Kain. Then since there were only 2 other left...Zero and Kaname took a look at each other.

Kaname: fufu...Kiryuu-kun, I guess we will have to pair up.
Zero: Over my dead body.

Then loop that conversation over the next 10 minute you have got the plot already xD
So anyway, I decided to join Kaname & Zero pair just for the sake of it xD xD xD

Me: Oh, it's good to have Zero on this team! Because Zero is a great cook! :D
Zero: I am are making too much a big deal out of it *shy* *shy*

Kaname: In that case, I must really see this talent of yours, Kiryuu-kun.

With that, we started to discuss about the menu. Then Kaname the ALMIGHTY said.

We must have dessert.

Me: ......
Kaname: A meal is not complete without entre, main, and dessert at least.

Since Kaname insisted on dessert, we tried to see what we have to make dessert out of. Then we took out the seaweed, and I was going to cut it with Ichijou's katana xDD, but Zero stopped me and said its impossible to try to chop veges with a katana.

Then Kaname the ALIMGHTY gave me a survival knife. When I asked him where he got it from, he said, "ufufufu, there is nothing in the world that I cannot do ^_^"

I think its because Kaname has a magic pocket like doraemon...

But Zero noticed it was a knife Kaname made out of the rocks with his sharp claws....

So onto cooking the seaweed, Kaname started to cut it with the knife which he took out from his magic pocket, and then we asked him what he was going.

Kaname: I am making seaweed jelly, FOR DESSERT.
Me: .....-0-
Zero: GIVE ME THAT! *takes seaweed from Kaname* We are going to make seaweed soup instead.

So after we have dealt with seaweed, then we moved onto the fish.
As helpful as he was, Kaname started preparing the fish.

Kaname: I am making fish pudding, FOR DESSERT.
Me: ....Kaname-chama, you know I love you but please...enough with the dessert.

Kaname: But the white baits does not have a strong smell, it should be okay right?

So since we know Kaname would never give up until he has his dessert, we finally gave in and let him make his fish pudding.

With the last ingredience, which was abalone, I decided to let Zero cook it so at least there is some decent food.
Then while Zero was trying to process the abalone, he accidentally got pricked. And when he saw blood, immediately his vampire side was turned on and he was thirstying for blood.

Seeing that I was going to offer him my blood when I remembered...

Me: I cant give him my blood right in front of Kaname senpai...

Knowing what was going through both our minds, Kaname said. "What's the matter, Kiryu-kun? Arent you going to stop the blood? Or drink it yourself? Or has that turned you on into drinking someone else's blood?"

Knowing they were going to start a war again, I quickly grabbed Zero's finger and licked the blood off.
Seeing that both Zero and Kaname went -0-!! xDDDDD

Anyway, after all that disaster, the final product was produced!!

Kaname & Zero!! Challenge cooking!!!

I wondered where the fish pudding is though....


Now we move onto the next chapter, about a dog...which was actually a sad chapter compared to the survival one...

So one night, when Zero and I are doing our guardian job, we found a white puppy and he was injured on the leg. So I decided to take the puppy back and look after it until it recovers. Then Zero and I thought about giving the puppy a name, and Zero said, since the puppy looked like his beloved white horse White Lily, so he was trying to come up with extraordinary names like White ***, White $$$ etc, when I said,

let's call him CHIBI!! :D

Then Zero gave me a hard time for having no taste for names T^T

But since the puppy seems to like Chibi, then we named the puppy chibi. Chibi and I became very close, so I would take him to go night watch with me, and since I have the dog with me, Zero and Kaname were happy that I can now roam the streets alone and would be protected.

Then one night, when I was doing my night watch with Chibi, I saw Kaname.

Kaname saw how I was very happy with chibi, he smiled and asked if he could join us. Then taking out a ball (from his magic pocket again!) he threw the ball and made Chibi go chase it. And since I saw Kaname and Chibi were having so much fun I said I want to try too.

Then since I am a typical naive, stoopid shojo idiot, I was so clumsy and...OOPS~ I am falling!! 8D

Oh, Kaname, I knew you could be willing to become my cushion~~ @v@

But seriously, these type of scenarios are only romantic in shojo manga. In reality, if this happens, Kaname would have been elbowed in the tummy by me and it wont be pleasant. xD

After that, the story moves onto that apparently Chibi was a Level E vampire dog, and was going around attacking innocent people at night. Knowing that both Zero and Kaname decided to kill Chibi off without hurting my feelings knowing how attached I was to Chibi.

So behind my back, Kaname and Zero went on a date xD xD xD

Kaname: I cant imagine that I am actually going out with you...

But while Kaname was going to give Chibi a final blow, Zero suddenly took out his Bloody Rose and pointed at Kaname.

Kaname: What is the meaning of this?
Zero: I cant let you kill Chibi. If she finds out she would be devastated.
Kaname: But it is to protect her that is why we have to kill Chibi. I cannot bear the thought that Chibi will turn around and attack her instead.

Knowing Kaname was right, Zero said to Kaname

Zero: I could never picture the day when I have to come to beg you for something...
Zero: I will finish Chibi off, but if I failed, and she is in danger, then please protect her....

Kaname: It is all for her. So I will promise you, Kiryuu-kun.

Not knowing all these are going on, I went on to my night watch normally with Chibi, who had turned back to its normal puppy form. I noticed though that Chibi was injured but for some miraculous reason, it healed really fast by itself. (DUH!! HOW DENSE CAN I BE?? DUH!!)

Then we bumped into Aidou, who apparent was scared of dogs. xD
But knowing how Kaname and Zero made up their mind to kill Chibi, he did his last kindness and held Chibi in his arms.

Look at how his face twitched with hugging the dog xDDDD

To cut the long story short, as expected Chibi turned into his Level E form and started to attack me. Then Zero appears and SUPPOSEDLY to kill Chibi off. But since Zero was actually a softy inside, he really couldnt pull the trigger.

Then while I was really in danger, as promised, Kaname appears and attacked Chibi. But before Kaname could finish Chibi off, I grabbed onto Kaname to beg him not to kill Chibi. And because of my STUPIDITY, Chibi pounced on us.

Then BANG BANG BANG! Zero finally pulled the trigger and killed Chibi. TT^TT

While I was devastated, blaming Kaname for killing Chibi...(eh?? I thought it was Zero that Killed Chibi, why am I blaming Kaname??)

Then I finally know why!! It's so I can go and lie in Kaname's arms instead of Zero's!! 8D 8D 8D

Kaname: I am sorry, but it was too late so save Chibi. He had already fallen into Level E state. This is the only way I can do to protect you even if it means you will hate me.
Me: AWWWWW...Kaname-chama, I can never hate you ;_;


Moving onto the final chapter, because I was depressed with the tragedy of a Level E, and the death of Chibi, Kaname came to cheer me up.

Kaname: It's not out of the ground of a Pureblood, or even the brother figure to you, but as a man, as Kuran Kaname, I am worried about you. So if you could hear what I have to say.

Kaname: would you let me know your feeling?

Kaname: Please do not give up on your dream. Because to me, your dream is my dream...

And while Kaname was attempting to confess to me, on comes Zero interrupting and telling Kaname to leave me alone ="=(damm you Zero! How many times do you have to take my Kaname-chama away from me??)

Kaname: Why has it seemed Kiryuu-kun has become part of this conversation...

And because they started fighting again, I became depressed again. So the two boys felt bad.

Kaname: What can we do to cheer you up?

Unfortunately, the plan didnt go as what I wanted, instead the innocent me in the game said, "I want you two to shake hands and make up."

Zero: WHUT!! WHY DO I HAVE TO??? -0-
Me: stop complaining, I was originally going to ask you two to kiss ="=, I am letting you off with only a hand shake now.

Kaname: This...this is a difficult task...
Me: I thought you said there is nothing in this world that you CANT do, Kaname-chama? 8D

So Kaname & Zero kissed and make up, and then we move onto the finale~~

There was one final dance party, which the Night Class held in order to cheer me up. AWWWWW I love you guys :'D

So of course, since I have come this far, my dance partner is..

Kaname: Are you enjoying yourself? Kaho?
Me: Of course, because I achieved this CG after another stupid dance mini-game T^T *tears of joy*

Once again, Kaname asks if we want to go to his room because he has something VERY IMPORTANT to say to me. HOHOHOHOHOHO~ I knew it was coming. BRING IT ON BABY!!

Kaname: Fufu...I guess I am finding it hard to cool down from the excitement of the party.

Then you have this part of returning his feelings with a rose, which you collected different type of roses throughout the 6 chapters. (Just for fun, I picked the "I HATE YOU" rose, which was the rose Kaname gave to Zero in Chapter 2 >D)

Kaname: Th...this is...Thank...thank you...
Me: I think I heard the sound of Kaname's shattered glass heart in the background 8D

Of course not trying to kill him, I reloaded the game and gave him the rose which means, "A passionate burning love." As expected this time Kaname was VERY happy xD

Then we continued on with the confession, he talked about how happy he was when he received my chocolate and he ate it immediately. ( sweet :'D)
Then I said, "oh yeah, the one that Zero threw to you without my permission.

Kaname: Really? I am sorry, but I dont keep boring memories in my head.
Me: xD OMG Kaname, you are really cruel to Zero.

Then I mentioned about the hand-made chocolate I gave to him later that night. And he said...

Kaname: That was an unforgettable unique taste...
Me: Kaname, is that your way of saying, please dont make me eat it again? xD

Then the atmosphere got hotter and hotter, so Kaname finally revealed his hidden pervy desire and the whole reason he brought me to his room xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Kaname: I...want you....
Me: %*&^%&^$Q(&^%*(%(*Q*&^( <--literally what was going on in my mind.


kaname: then...close your eyes
Me: HU...HU....HU....*animal breathing*

Kaname: I have waited....waited so long for this moment.
Me: .................. *I think my nose is bleeding*

Kaname: I have wanted to kill Kiryuu-kun. Because...

Kaname: Even I have not yet placed my fangs against your neck...

Kaname: I must have longed for you more than you could ever imagine.

Kaname: To the extent of wanting to mess you up....

Then the music climaxes and Kaname asked if I was ready to finally become the same as he, a vampire?
So I  get to choose which part for him to bite me. And since I have already picked the thigh before, I am not allowed to pick it again, so I went back and picked the neck 8D

Kaname:..fufu, I am sorry, but it was a little punishment from me because you have been a naughty girl...
Me: So, you really were never going to bite me, Kaname senpai. T^T
Kaname: I am sorry, but it is not time yet. When the time comes, I will finally make you my counterpart forever.
Kaname: But for the time being....

Kaname: Tonight, you are mine....





So the conclusion is, even until the end, Kaname never drank my blood. I guess it's because they didnt want to wreck the importance of why Kaname eventually chose to turn Yuuki into a vampire. But that last CG...OMG, when Kaname pushed Yuuki onto the sofa like that....KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! >///////////////////////<

Here is the ending CG at the end of the credits. Group photo!!! xDDD

Now that's the end of Kaname's route, I will share some LOL and WTF moments from the mini games now xDD

There was this mini-game where you can dress them up with the clothes you bought, so I thought, yeah, what the heck, let's have some fun with Kaname.

So at first, I bought this samurai set and put it on Kaname.

And the reaction I got from Kaname was....

Kaname: This is exactly what I was looking for. I am so proud of you, thank you.
Me: ...Kaname, so your dream was to be a samurai...

Then I thought, okay, I will dress kaname up as a cat. 8D

And his reaction...

Kaname: It was to my taste. Thank you for understanding. ^_^
Me: -0-!!! Kaname!! Your taste is weird!!

How about a penguin then??

Kaname: This was just what I have dreamt for! Thank you very much!!
Me:.................I have nothing else to say.

Thinking that Kaname had gone nuts, I decided to test it on someone I am probably going to get a reaction out from.

Zero: Your consideration for me has been passed on deeply to me. Thank you for doing this much for me.
Me: OMG ZERO!!! EVEN YOU??????????????

So that was that. xD
I had so much fun, so I really recommend anyone with a DS to buy this game. The game is region free so you can play it no matter where you bought your DS from. And even if you dont understand Japanese, it doesnt really matter, because I am sure from their hot voices, you can feel the love~~ 8D

Thank you for reading, I shall go work on Ichijou's route now. And for those that want one about Zero, since I wont be going for him until later, meanwhile, you can all visit   aestalitz 's journal, she had the screen caps and route done for Zero ^^/


mood: ecstatic

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February 5th, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)

Uh, I guess that on the second half the scenarios started to get a bit random... A deserted island? A *vampire* dog???? (O_o) Did the game team smoke something? I wonder if there are different scenarios according to the guy you've chosen...

But I guess that even all this weirdness is more fun, like a crack fic. XD

And in the end EVERYTHING pays off if I Yuuki gets her way with Kaname...

Now I want a Cero Z version!!!! With lots of blood and SM!Kaname and a threesome in the end! XDDDD Just kidding... not

February 5th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)

OMG!!! the ending!! LOL
kaname-sama kakkoii *________*
thanks for making me drooling *again*

devi devi
February 5th, 2009 04:15 am (UTC)

The best part is your comment ^__^
*I can't stop laughing*

The mini game is so crack but this game is like pure crack, If only the language is not Japanese>_<

BTW I love it when kaname said "boring memories", he is so mean and thats why I love him so much;XD

Moe the MartianKatz
February 5th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)

First of all fish pudding echoed through my head the whole time I was reading...

Desert island.. how come they don't make it like in POT R&D where the guys half naked in the stranded island dream ofufufufu <D

The last Kaname CG totally mind blowing *thinking on how kaname make something his* kyaaaaaaaaaa!!

幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 04:46 am (UTC)

I actually wouldnt mind the seaweed jelly :D

I was thinking, its because the vampires will look like white unhealthy skinny boys without clothes on xDDDD

But I find this way more interesting than the Doki Doki POT games...I honestly fell asleep in the POT one and only managed to go through Yukimura and Ahobe then gave up >.>

I so want the CG booklet for this game!! There are like 70 CGs to collect but they are not releasing it...T^T

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February 5th, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
Oh my‼ O_o

Pervy Kaname‼ Kyaaaah〜 I want. ❤
And him going 「ホシイ・・・んだ・・・。」 — *faint* Someone please check my pulse to see if I'm still alive and breathing. Kaname-sama inflicts such exquisite torture on my poor soul... (*/∇\*)

Unfortunately, (or is it fortunataly?) I don't have a DS. But hopefully by the time I finally succumb to splurging on the game and the console (maybe I should wait for the DSi launch?), someone will have been kind enough to give language-challenged people like me a decent walk-through. *lol*

The Queen of Lame and Typo Errors.
February 5th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)

Ahaha, mine wasn't really indepth because I was skipping all the text and playing as fast as possible (I took two hours to complete one round of gameplay) but yours is great!

And I love how you thought of the plotholes, I never wondered about the pureblood joker who decided to bite the dog.

I think I might go for Kaname instead of Aidou now, I looove that last CG *_*

Have fun with Ichijou's route, he made me squeal so much XD;;

OT but reading one of your comments above, did you typo Atobe or did you really call him Ahobe? XDDD

Edited at 2009-02-05 05:10 am (UTC)

幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 05:30 am (UTC)

I havent read yours because I didnt want to be spoiled with Zero's CG. but I really recommend reading through the text, the conversation is full of crack, or else it wouldnt be fun to just whack them with artemis and dress them up in weird outfits ^^

I was worried though, not sure whether I have picked the wrong choices at the Ichijou blood sucking part, and worried I didnt get the CG I was supposed to...;_;

Just curious, how many blood sucking CGs is Ichijou supposed to have?

And I am TOTALLY squealing in Ichijou's route, it was way more doki doki than Kaname's for some reason. I think probably because Ichijou is such a teaser...>.>

I typed Ahobe on purpose. Because, he is aho xDDD

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 06:46 am (UTC)

I KNOW!! I was like on the edge of my seat with this pervy grin on my face then the credits rolled out >(

I wish they made a R18+ version of this game. I would so die and blood loss, but willingly xD

I actually was thinking Rido bit the dog, because you know, he likes orgy so he may wanted to include a dog...

gosh...that sound so wrong

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February 5th, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)

thanks alot this time there is zero yay

wonderful summary and kaname truly perv @@

i saw the other journal about zero but wasn't on depth please if you have time write summary about zero later i love your way of describing things

February 5th, 2009 06:27 am (UTC)

the game is beyond awesome!!!!! ;0;
too bad you are not going for Zero, i LOVE kaname, but i don't see anyone in the near future doing this for Zero, which is sad and frustrating D'8

Thanks! ^^

幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)

nono, I will be going for Zero too. Just not until after I have done Ichijou & Kain at least. Because Zero shares the same route as Kaname, so to play something different I want to go for other first.

I am planning to complete everyone including Yagari too ^^/

ReplyThread Parent
February 5th, 2009 08:48 am (UTC)

Me: HU...HU....HU....*animal breathing*


It's just hilarious how all the reactions are so similar between you and me. XD;;;;;

Maybe because we're both perverts. *rotfl*

Kaname-chama = ♥

Every single time someone in the game says something like 行けない子 or 行けない気分 and other naughty-sounding things, I go wild. *rotfl*

I've been horribly busy lately so I have had so few time to play since last weekend (I heroically opted for finally updating my fic in the free moments I found instead XD;;; orz), but am now finally able to play more, w00t~ XD *needs to try all the clothes and costumes on everybody and all* XD XD *lol*

VK is so much love. *-* *endless moe*

*is swept back into lurking pit in the ground, struggles with RL to have a moment for the game etc thingies*

幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 09:33 am (UTC)

its because pervert 腐女子 think alike :D

So how far have you gone in the game? I actually have a deadline to meet by tomorrow, and I ended up spending 2 days at work typing up summaries and writing fanfics...I am so dead...xD

I know, I think I am having so much fun with this game because of my love for it. Its like I was cracking up at every inside joke, how they were extending the Kaname x Aidou thing, and the Zero x Kaname thing xDDD

I hope you can be free from your RL things soon and come back to fangirl with me! I need someone to go kyah kyah over the things Kaname said in the game with me!

ReplyThread Parent
February 5th, 2009 12:45 pm (UTC)

Hahaha~~~ Thank you for the summary, it was VERY funny (espesially your commentaries XD XD XD).

And reastions of Kaname and Zero for dressing them were the dreat final chords!! XDDD

February 5th, 2009 12:51 pm (UTC)

Level E vampire dog?! o_o *your theory of Rido biting the poor dog...he'd do that to a dog..XD*

I would've loved to have the vampires frolicking on the beach, but I suppose that's only going to make their skin burn up |D

Thanks for the summary ^^

February 5th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)

*shaking with laughter at the mini-games*

They may be hot but they don't have much dress sense when it comes to clothes XDDDDD

I am getting this game for sure but I hope the emulator will allow me to play the mini-game properly. Emulators are the reason why I couldn't clear Waka-chan in 2nd Season T^T

Kaname ftw!

幸村 嘉穂
February 5th, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)

wow, if you play with emulator, it would be impossible to kill Level E....o_O
I was already struggling with the stylus pen!

And everyone the bishie appears to save you, the intimacy drops by 10!!

ReplyThread Parent
February 5th, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)

*dead of lol* I'm not sure what made me laugh the most, the fish dessert, the random mini games or pervy Kaname XDDDD. I remember a side chapter of the manga saying what would happen if the night class got stranded on an island, though I never thought it would be that random XDDD

I also think it's slightly adorable that Aidou is scared of dogs.

February 5th, 2009 02:17 pm (UTC)

so much love for penguin!kaname...! ^_^