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Vampire Knight DS game fangirling summary ~ Aidou Hanabusa Side

Idol...no, Aidou senpai...ahhh...what can I say about you? =w=

His route totally felt like a love triangle, not in the way where I was the center but it was actually me and him fighting over Kaname....>.>;;

To sum up Aidou's route, it would be...

Aidou Versus Yuuki! Who will win Kaname's love?

Starting with trying to give the valentine chocolate to Aidou. It was real funny because we know Aidou and Yuuki were never the "best of friends" xD

So when I went to give him the chocolate, Aidou said this

Aidou: This is your revenge right? ...You think I will fall for your trick?

HAHAHAHA...since Aidou never fail to amuse me, so I told him with a most innocent face,

No, Aidou senpai. This is sincerely, honestly, and most truly for you from the goodness of my heart. :D

Then, wahahahaha~ he totally fell for it xDDD

Aidou: fine, fine...if you insist on giving it to me, and since I am SUCH a nice person I will accept it.

awww...Aidou blushing and pulling that face to secretly hide his joy xDD

Then at night time, during my night watch, I saw Aidou and approached him. I asked him whether he had a great Valentines, then he started bragging on about how....he was a man of sin because he received way too many chocolates and he could not return all the admirations because he was only one person.


Seeing how his nose has become long and high pointing to the sky, I decided to bring him down to earth by offering him my poisonous hand-made chocolate. >D

Aidou: Oh noes, I received one more~ Haa~ I am really a sinful man.
Me: Yes you are. So now be punished >D

Aidou: Wow, I am so troubled~
Aidou: How am I able to face Kaname-sama after receiving a hand-made chocolate from you? ノ( ̄∀+ ̄)=3

Me: you dont look the slightest troubled to me....┐(-_- )┌

Of course not knowing I was actually offering him poison, Aidou ate the chocolate. >D

Aidou: OMG!! WTF??? So this really is your revenge!!!
Me: Eh? Does it taste that bad? :'D :'D :'D (play innocent)
AIdou: I guess it was lucky I ate such poison instead of Kaname-sama.

HAHAHAHA...So Aidou has officially become the poison food tester for Kaname xDDD

Then moving on to chapter 2, Lengthy Night.

Picking Aidou as my partner for the kimodameshi, the whole way Aidou kept complaining about why da heck he has to be my partner. And he goes on and on about how he hates me because Kaname has a thing for me. So I asked whether he likes Kaname, and then Aidou went on for about ten minutes of his admiration and love for Kaname.

Stop talking about another man when you are with me! T^T

Then as we moved on, the student dressed up as the umbrella ghost tried to scare us, but of course didnt work. Poor guy. Instead Aidou scared him away by freezing up the umbrella.

After the student dropped the umbrella, Aidou got all turned on.

Aidou: An umbrella...fufu, I have thought of a great idea. Come here...
Me: OMG...this line sounds familiar...you are not going to do that dodgy umbrella scene like in Kaname's route are you? ┏(゚ロ゚;)┛

Then it turned out he wanted me to go hide behind the umbrella with him so he can freely drink my blood without getting caught. While Aidou was flashing me the pervert rapist look, I knew I had to use the ONE thing that could stop him.

Me: Aidou senpai! If you drink my blood, I WILL DOBT ON YOU TO KANAME SENPAI!

Aidou: Huh? Dont suddenly mention Kaname-sama!
Aidou: Damm, it was close...please dont tell him about what just happened.

Me: WAHAHAHA~~ I thought you liked Kaname's whip of love? xDD

Aidou: Everytime Kaname-sama gets really angry its all because it relates to you.
Me: Jealous? Aidou? Are you jealous? 8D

So while Aidou and I were going at it again at who gets Kaname's affection, suddenly there were flames of fire floating towards us. Getting frightened I started running away, and to my surprise, Aidou used his ice power and all the fire balls vanished.

WOW...AIDOU, YOU SAVED ME.... (」゚□°)」なにぃ!!

Aidou: Of, of course I will save you. To a gentleman like me, it is only normal...*blush blush*
Me: Is this the sign that you are starting to fall in love with your rival? 8D

Then of course, while the doki doki mood is in the air between us, suddenly...


Aidou: KYAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ghost!! Ghost appeared!!!
Me: HAHAHAHHAA! So Zero plays the ghost this time xDDD
Me: And geez Aidou, you scream like a little girl >.>;;;

So that was the LOL of chapter 2 xDD

Moving onto chapter 3, Night Rainbow.

This part I have sort of shared in Kaname's route already, but while I was going around trying to create my own rainbow with buckets of water, Aidou became the victim.

Sensing my ENTHUSIASM, towards the end of the chapter, Aidou used his power to control the temperature of water and made them evaporise to create night rainbow.

So the puzzle has been solved! The person that created the night rainbow was indeed Aidou!! ^0^/

But as cute as he always was, he said, he only did it because he learnt the trick from Kaname xDD

Moving onto Chapter 4, Crying Rose.

As expected, since I have been suspected as the serial killer, Aidou got his chance to pick at me.

Aidou basically pushed me against the wall abusing me for doing all these killings and made it look like vampires did it and that I was against them from the beginning. T^T

Aidou, how could you? Just because Kaname loves me and not you, you cant blame it all on me TT^TT

So anyway, with Kaname's help, my name was cleared and the real serial killer was found. Feeling extremely bad about suspecting me in the beginning, I found a dress delivered to my room and it was from Aidou!! xDD

So to pick at him, I wore it and attended the Cross Gakuen Ball. >D >D >D

As usual, he blushed and still act as if he was all cool and stuff, but he said in order to apologise for blaming me, he would grant me a dance with him...HAHAHA....

Alright, if you REALLY want to dance with me, then I will grant you the honour. OHOHOHOHOHO~

Just realised we both have the same personality o_O;;;

After the dance, like everyone else, Aidou got really turned on and he asked if we could go somewhere private.

Aidou: It is my peace treaty. Let's go somewhere private with just the two of us.
Me: So NOW you want to go somewhere private with me >D

To be ebil, I told him that I would rather stay here at the hall, then this LOL event happened xDD

Aidou: I thought I felt a PRICKING aura...and it was Kaname-sama GLARING at me...

Aidou: If I spend anymore time with you, he will punish me!!
Me: Is he going to love whip you again? 8D 8D

Feeling bad for Aidou, I reloaded the game and picked, okay, let's go somewhere else.
Then for some reason we were able to sneak off without Kaname noticing, and then when we were finally alone, Aidou asked if he could drink my blood.

HOMG. I bet you he had LONG been waiting for this moment. He had been wanting to drink Yuuki's blood since episode one and we all know it!

Look at his face!!

He looked like a little kid that finally got his fix of candies!! xDD

So that was the end of Chapter 4.

Now we move onto chapter 5, Dream Night.

It was just another ordinary day of night watch when I suddenly got curious at what the night class lectures were like. So sneaking into their class, I saw that it was Yagari teaching, and as expected, he was constantly provoking the vampires threatening them that they were out-numbered compared to humans.

So the first person to get upset and decides to leave the class is of course Aidou. Seeing that I went after him and he told me that he absolutely hates Yagari but since it was Kaname's dream to xo-exist with humans, so he will try to attend the classes.

I then told him I too understand where Kaname was coming from because I also hoped humans and vampires could co-exist together. Then as usual, Aidou gets a bit carried away with what he is saying, and started commenting on how he couldnt understand why Kaname allows a hunter to talk this way to the vampires and blah blah blah, when suddenly....


Kaname: Aidou...It is not good to walk out of a class like that.
Aidou:Ka..Kaname-sama...there is nothing...we were just...talking about the wonderful dream of humans and vampires....

Kaname: I see...and since part of your conversation involves things that I am not pleased about.
Kaname: Should I make you stand out here in the corridor?

Aidou: (・Д・;)ソンナ!(゚□゚;)マサカ!

Kaname: And dont forget to carry the buckets too, Aidou.
Me: WUAHAHAHAHA, AIDOU! Your beloved Kaname's love whip! xD

While I was laughing at Aidou's miseries, on came Yagari.

Yagari: Wait a second. Little girl is the same. Stand in the corridor, the both of you!
Me: !!!!!(゚□゚;)


So with that, the poor me and Aidou stood out in the corridor carrying water buckets together TT^TT

The only difference was, after Yagari left, Kaname secretly came and let me go whereas poor Aidou continued to stand in the corridor with water buckets xDDDD Dont hate me Aidou~~~

The next day, I went to the markets on my own and was attacked by Level E vampires and Aidou came to rescue me xD

After the rescuing, he asked if I want to tag along to where he was going so I did. Then surprisingly he took me to this fancy French restaurant where he ordered a banquet for like 10 people and ate it all by himself....-0-

While I pondered on why Aidou could still stay skinny with his monstrous appetite, calmly still dapping his mouth with the napkin, Aidou said that to a vampire, human food is more like a snack to them. But the real food is actually blood.


Anyway, after that, he followed me to the flea market and I bought the dream perfume and whala~ all of us got stranded on the island~

The story here is basically the same as Kain's route, so if you want to know the details I recommend you read Kain's route first.

The only difference was, I decided to stalk Aidou instead and found him joyfully collecting poisonous mushrooms to offer up to Kaname. Feeling sorry for Kaname, I told Aidou to stop it and then Aidou whined about how a vampire will not be easily killed by a little poison in the mushroom unlike humans...xD

Aidou: If you dont believe me, should we try?
Aidou: Let the addictive poison in your body come into mine...

Me: Wah....Aidou, you are trying to talk dirty too? 8D 8D

To summarise Aidou's attempt of dirty talk, it basically means he wants to drink my blood again. But seriously, in this CG, his eyes look so...crooked...o_O;;;

The rest of the chapter remains the same, Kain was able to burn all the poisonous mushrooms before Aidou offer them up to Kaname. (Aidou, it is our way of saving your life so you wont get murdered by Kaname for attempting to poison him.)

Since we are on a roll, let's move onto chapter 6, the story about Chibi the vampire dog!

I have also revealed this a little bit in Kaname's route, but apparently Aidou is afraid of dogs xDD

So when I saw him at night watch, Aidou ran far far away from me and Chibi and refuse to come anywhere near us...xDDDD

Yes, Aidou, now if you continue to fight Kaname with me, I will send Chibi to bite you. 8D

The next night, since everyone else except me knows that Chibi is a vampire dog, so feeling really really sorry for me, Aidou actually finally took courage to attempt to play with Chibi.

Awww...look at his face. All the muscles are twitching >D

Then the story remains the same here too, where Zero failed to kill Chibi as he was supposed to and on caem Aidou for the rescue with his Dimond Dust attack!! Sorry, that was a Saint Seiya joke xD

After he froze Chibi and poor Chibi then vanished into dust, I was so sad and went to cry in Aidou's arms. (I mean, why not? Since I have already done that with everyone else 8D)

Awww..Aidou is crying for Chibi too....you are really a softy arent you, Aidou? 感動…(σ¶_¶。*)

After that touching scene, we move onto the finale. Appearing before me was Aidou. Although Aidou and I fought the entire way through his story, here he was attempting to cheer me up. He comforted me and said if we were to prevent future tragedies like this to happen, then we must work harder to achieve the goal of having vampires and humans live together peacefully.

Then of course, not failing to also place himself inside my harem, Aidou offered me the rose of "Passionate burning love."

Aidou has finally altered his love from Kaname onto me!! xDDD

For your viewing pleasure, here is the recording of the Aidou vs Kaname conversation as requested. You will see what I mean when I said Kaname's voice although sounds calm but you know Aidou will soon be ripped into pieces xDD

The recording starts with the last part where Aidou just offered the rose and joyfuully says that it suits me. Then whispering to himself, he apologises to his beloved Kaname. Please note my resonses are voiceless in the game and they are in pink.

Now you can listen to it while you read the below translation with screenshots.

Aidou: Kaname-sama...I am really, really...terribly sorry.

Aidou: I am...attracted to her...

Kaname: You and Aidou?
Kaname: I had thought it was an impossible pairing.

Me: Kaname senpai? How, how did you know?

Kaname: I have said so before. There is nothing that I do not know.

Kaname: Am I right to assume that you have chosen to fulfil your dream with Aidou?
Me: Yes, Kaname senpai. Because Aidou senpai is a very kind, caring person.

Kaname: I have never expected to hear you praise another man other than Kiryuu.
Kaname:...It is an odd feeling.

Kaname: Indeed Aidou is not a bad guy...
Kaname: Even better if he would not be as noisy.

Kaname: So if you consider it, the person that can really become the bridge between humans and vampires is...

Kaname: A mood maker like him.

Kaname:....wait, am I thinking too much?
Kaname: Damm, it appears that I am a bit confused...

Me: wah...Kaname, you are losing your cool again xD

Kaname: It's like I have seen a nightmare.
Kaname: You are bad, to throw me off like this...

Me: WAHAHAHA xD So if Aidou gets together with your girl, it is a nightmare to you?

Kaname: No matter how I see it, the person that is the best for you is me...

Kaname: The only person that can make you happy is me.

Kaname: This is the unshakeable fact.

Kaname: Would you please reconsider it?

Kaname: I am begging you...

Me:....wah...Kaname, it must be killing you right now isnt it? You are even begging me...>_<

So that was that. We can all let our own imagination go wild with what will happen to Aidou after this xDDD

But one thing is for sure, apparently Aidou is still alive and okay because he was there at the ball that night. And maybe Kaname quietly stepped aside or something, Aidou actually DARED TO OPENLY look so happy with me!! xDD

wow~ finally AIdou~ There is a decent CG for you!! Look at them~ totally proves the more they fight the more they are attracted to each other~~ xDD

Then that same night, Aidou sneak into my room and asked if he could talk to me alone. So going out into the night with him alone, Aidou then asked if he could drink my blood again.

The difference is, this time, he was no longer the, "Your blood is so yummy~ give it to me~"
But more like, "I want you now...is it okay?"

WAIIIIIIIIIIII~~ Aidou~~ I didnt think you had this side in you!!

So here we go, now drink from my neck like a man and not a boy!! 8D

Pretty pretty CG~~ (´v`)★∴∵

After that, Aidou confessed his feelings and said he originally thought I was just an annoying human girl that for some reason was loved by Kaname. But the more time he spent with me, he realised I worked harder than anyone and he really respected that.

He said that if its possible, he wished to be the person that could fulfil my dream, and being with me is the first sign of humans and vampires getting together.

Okay, I just have to cut in here and say this...
See?? Aidou gets an ending with Yuuki!! So WTF is with Kain's ending?? If Aidou knew he could be the person that could fulfil my dream, why does stoopid Kain think my dream is only possible with Kaname?? (not that I am complaining...)

Then when we were so lovey dovey, Aidou blushed as he looked at me.

Aidou: Would you close your eyes?
Me: WAH!! Is this going to be another one of those I thought you were going to kiss me but turned out to be something else scene???

So anyway, I closed my eyes anyway and then suddenly I heard the sound of things freezing up.
Opening my eyes, I saw the lake behind us turned into ice and we were suddenly in the beautiful romantic icy world~

Me: wah....so pretty.

<--In reality.


But this time, amongst the beautiful ice around us, Aidou leaned close and I slowly closed my eyes again.


Although it didnt show anything and the stupid credit rolled out, but you can assume they kissed because, finally there is no stupid fish or octopus that appears to kiss me!!

so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~




Now this is the end of my set of fangirling summaries for this game. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have ^^

I know many of you wanted me to do one for Zero but unfortunately I won't be doing one for him because of the following reasons:

1. crimson_yukime  has already done it

2. I didnt take any screenshots for Zero's route and I have already sold my copy of the game so I can't actually to it.

3. I didnt like his route at all.

So once again, for those that have a DS, I really recommend buying this game because it is region free so can be played on any NDS bought from any country. You dont really need to understand Japanese in this game, and the more you play, you will discover that your Japanese will improve just like that! The game is full voiced as well, so its like watching the anime!

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