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My Neoromance Festa 11 Experience

YES. I know the event ended for a whileeee already LOL

But I finally kicked myself to sit down and do a report of it. It is...interesting? xD;;

Okay, I know I shouldnt have, but I wasted money and bought 2 days worth of tickets. And due to many many reasons, things that I am sure would bore you too, I ended up getting SS tickets for the night of 13th (TO SEE HIROCCCCCC) and day one of 14th (TO SEE MIDORINNNN)

Okay, so anyway, we arrived Minato Mirai (the station where the event was held) and we could already see a huuuuuge crowd.
Like wow, you will never see so many women without any men appearing in one place at a time HAHAHAHA

So when we (myself and my aneki) entered the hall, immediately we see this big floral arch thingy, where everyone were going crazy at taking pictures.

Hey, guess who is supposed to be the character in the picture? 8D

But seriously, there were so many really cool cosplayers that were at the event. Like full on dressed up for the event.

Here is one example:


Then I was actually kinda disappointed, other than this big floral arch thingy, KOEI didnt do other stuff that is worth taking pictures of T^T
All they had were stalls trying to rip more people to buy those stupid goods which are really useless....OTZ

So since I got nothing to do and they wont let us in to the theater, I decided to take pictures of all the bouquets sent to the seiyuus.

This is a shared one for Onosaka and HiroC, yes they have to share T^T

This one is for Seki. I think he is very loved LOL

This one is for Inoue Papa <3


LOL yes, Uchida got one too. I think he has now become quite a popular seiyuu in the neoromance events. I think he did perform very hard, and I will explain that later LOLLL

Hiroki got 2 as well. And you should hear it when he appeared, the screaming was scaryyyyy

lolll and there is this very little one sitting in the corner for Midorin LOLL, I feel so sad for him xD

So enough of the flowers, let's move onto the event. I lined up for ages to finally get in, and because I have the SS tickets, I get to sit quite close to the front and it was in the middle too! YEAHHHHH

So I thought I would take a picture of what the hall looks like with the poor people who got S and A tickets...

Then this stupid guy came over and told me I wasnt allowed to take pictures T^T
I was like, but the show hasnt even started.....;_;

Anyway, since I cant take pictures, I sat there and was forced to listen to the announcement done by Tsukimori Len and Kaji Aoi.

Here is a recording of it that I secretly took LOL

So the event starts with the normal intro, and everyone was screaming, LOL, I suddenly feel so not otaku when I am there xD

Here are the cast lists in case anyone's interested

OKAY, YOU ARE GOING TO THROW ROCKS AT ME...but I cant remember the contents of the event xD

Other than this time instead of doing individual mini drama by each game, the mini dramas were combined this time.
So the drama is about how all these guys wants to prepare a wonderful White Day party for you, and therefore they were planning it togehter.

And the tsundere characters were Tsuchiura, Zephel, Kurou and Oshihito LOLL (okay I kinda combined the characters for the 2 days but the pattern is the same)

On the 13th night perfrormance, the main theme of the party they were preparing for you was to waltz and dance with you LOL. As expected Tsuchiura, Zephel, Oshihito were like NUOOOOO, I REFUSE TO DANCEEEEEE

Then the Ura guys were Kira, Kazahaya who somehow tricked the boys into finally going onto dance lessons.

There was this really funny scene where they were forced to do hip hop HAHAHAHAHA


But it was all for good laughs, so I recommend you to get the DVD when it comes out.

During the breaks of the dramas, KOEI as usual put on some promotional videos on the big screen to sell more stuff of course.



Koei was promoting the DVD release of the latest Haruka 3 OVA...And theclips show the special unseen scenes of Nozomi and the bishies.

I was like, "yeah yeah, I am not going to waste money to buy this piece of crap..."



I wont spoil it for you and tell you which character had the kiss scene, but I can tell you this, it wasnt the type of rip off kiss scene where you know how KOEI just blackens the sceen? IT WAS A FULL ONNNN DEEEEEEP DEEEEEP KISSSSS

That is why the entire hall when KYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH at it xDDD

After we were all like kyah kyah-ing over the unexpected kiss scene, then suddenly there was the announcement of the appearing of special guests.

You should hear the hall, some gals cant wait and were already screaming LOLLL

So Matsukaze was introduced first, then when the MC was saying, and the next special guest is...

The hall was screaming, "HIROCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!"

LOL yes, that includes me too HAHAHAHAHA

So HiroC appears, yattaaaaaaaaa. His hair is so soft and beautiful LOL

Anyway, they didnt talk much, what a rip off T^T
They only did a mini drama which was like 5 minutes and then promoted their duet CD and then ran away T^T

This is their duet CD.

Then we had live performances...

HAHAHA, okay, this was an interesting experience for me, because I didnt know you were supposed to stand for the live performance. So everyone else all suddenly stood up except me and my aneki. We were like, "errr....due to peer pressure, let's stand."

Then everyone had those colour sticks where they used it for the live. And since I am poor and stingy, I refused to buy those color sticks LOL
But once again, peer pressure, everyone had at least one stick in their hand, and we didnt, so my aneki nearly gave in to go and buy one too LOL, But seriously, are you kidding me?? They are like 800 yen per stick!!

The live performances were actually pretty good. No  one sang out of tune except Daisaku, LOL

Then Uchida was indeed really into his live performance!! Yes, He didnt sing out of tune!! Not only that, he was dancing "pretty hard out", totally into it. Then at the end of his performance, he did a split!!!


Then at the end of the event, after the encore performance where we all sang Promised Rainbow together, there were these white heart shaped Neoromance Festa thingys dropped from the ceiling!! >w<

Because I was sitting quite close to the front, I managed to catch one!


Performance for the 14th is about the same, except because the cast kind of shifted a bit, so the Haruka team became Haruka 3 instead of Haruka 4. Instead of the Hip Hop dance, they were trying to train Kurou and Tsuchiura to act like a western gentleman HAHAHAHA.

Seki really is cute >w<

Here is a crappy recording I did of the seiyuu intro for the 14th. If you hear a DAISAKUUUU that is me sowie HAHAHAHA

Anyway, sorry for my lousy report, but it was really fun xD

I have learned from this experience that I will only buy SS tickets. Because for the 14th due to someone's *shakes fist at aneki* stupidity, we ended up only getting S tickets. When you get S tickets and below, you cant see a thing T^T

To end it, here are some photos I took of Minato Mirai. This is from the Hotel I stayed in =w=

This one is taken from the event hall, it reminded me of Haduki Kei's Christmas scene <333

And finally, the thing I bought that it was sort of a nice rip off, the Neoromance Festa 11 Official Sweets xD

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