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Joker no Kuni no Alice Game Summary ~Ace Route~


So I have finally completed Ace's route.

And to sum it up....

Ace is really a yandere, psycho, but I still love you very much <33333
okay, i have weird taste....


Before I start, just bear in mind to go through Ace’s route, it takes about 6-8 hours, so I will not be able to go into details but just more a quick summary with lots of pictures xD
For those that are playing this game and may need help with walkthrough, just remember the below points. In order to get a love ED with the character, you must
  1. Stay at the same place with the character
  2. Visit them frequently to up the affinity and of course to allow events to happen
  3. You also must visit Joker regularly as he is the key to activate the events of the bishie you are going for.
  4. You must have to have seen all 18 events of the bishie you are going for by turn 198, and also joker’s 10 events to be able to reach a good ED.


For those that have played Heart or Clover Ace routes will know what I am talking about, but for those that haven’t, please be aware that…Ace route is filled with sexual harassment and OMG THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN type of scenarios…RIGHT FROM THE VERY START! So do not read if you feel offended by sexual remarks and scenes in the below summary

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honey cake

Happy birthday 28th July to the wonderful Hachiyo of MNR!

Dear litewolf 

I know I am one day early (a few hours to be exact) but since with my PC drama recently, not sure if I will be on on time for your birthday, so here it is, a present as promised! xDDDD

buon compleanno~~~
happy birthday~~

Have a feeling the Italian is wrong, but that is what google said it is so 8DDDD
May you enjoy your bath with Tsuchi~ Let him rub your back for you xDD

sowie, I know my Tsuchi doesnt look like Tsuchi OTZ
kaname yuki OMG

OMG Kaname and Yuuki scan!

I saw this in my latest B's Log and screamed out loud!! xDDD

This is just sooooooo beautiful~~
The poster or ad for Vampire Guilty vol 5 ^^/

Cant help but want to share.
  • Scanned in 300dpi,
  • please dont upload it anywhere else.
  • Comment if taking, thanks ^^/


videos from Neoromance Festa 10 ^^

Just want to share a few videos I ripped from the Neoromance Festa 10 DVD

Corda Section
  1. Destination (Tsukimori Len) - Performed by Taniyama Kisho
  2. Love message from Tsukimori - Performed by Taniyama Kisho
  3. Airstream (Tsuchiura Ryotaro) - Performed by Itou Kentaro
  4. Love message from Yunoki - Performed by Kishio Daisuke
  5. Live final -Happy Days by Corda Team
Haruka Section

  1. live final
  1. Encore <--Totally recommend it! See Corda team vs Haruka team while Angelique team hides in the corner silently xD;;
I am still uploading them, more links will be updated as time goes ^^/

p.s. I have also ripped the mini live dramas, but for some reason when I covert them to avi files the length keeps getting cut off :(

So if anyone wants to watch it, please teach me how to convert mpeg movie files to avi that keeps the full length. Or else, you might have to download the mpeg file itself which is HUGE!