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幸村 嘉穂
11 November 1980
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  • kaho_yukimura@livejournal.com

Yaho~ I am kaho, a OTAKU who suffers and gets her wallet raped by Japanese otaku goods because she lives overseas. あぅ(ノjДj)ノ

I also like to write dream novels of complicated angsty harem of my favourite fandoms. Hey, one girl with many guys, what's wrong with that? (*゚∀゚*)ぽっ…

I also run an online English speaking community/website for otome games called My Neoromance. AKA MNR. So do drop by and say hi if you too are a OTAKU that loves 2D bishies 8D


Current manga/anime fandom : Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji<--strictly manga only because the anime is crap.
Current favourite 2D bishies: Taira no Tomomori, Ace, Blood Dupre, Kuran Kaname, Kuran Haruka, Yukimura Seiichi (if you recognise all the names, you are as bad a otaku as me xD)
Current otome game played : Kanuchi Kuroki Tsubasa no Sho, Garnet Cradle, Little Anchor, Harukanaru Toki no Nakade 3 + Izayoiki PSP
Current dream novel in progress : Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess (Vampire Knight fic)
kaho's osusume otome game list : Harukaharu Toki no Nakade 3 + Izayoiki, Sorayume, Kiniro no Corda 1, 2 + Encore, Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi + Karyuu Kenshiden, Kanuchi Shiroki Tsubasa no Sho, Heart no Kuni no Alice + Crimson Empire + Kanuchi Kuroki Tsubasa no Sho

Current layout featuring Kuran Kaname from Vampire Knight
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If you want to purchase any otome games, anime goodies, please help me by click the below link to these stores ^^/

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